Human Evolution 3.0?

It is 2016 and Mankind is moving steadily towards Human Evolution 3.0.

(shit sometimes I still feel like 1.0…)

That’s.. I’m sorry to hear that man.

(fuck off)

I was just trying to help alright

(help? hahahahahhahaha)

Sorry about that, sometimes this weird fucker pops up out of nowhere to distract me from my essence. I’m just gonna have to shut him up for the rest of this post.

did you just say ‘essence’….pffff hahahaahahaaaa. Wait! no!

B    A   M!



Don’t worry, he’ll wake up from that.

Let’s start with a few questions: 

1) What is Human Evolution 3.0?

2) What happened to 2.0?

3) Why does any of this matter?

In order to understand “Human Evolution 3.0,” we must first answer the question of what “Human Evolution” is:



Okay, so Human Evolution is basically an inevitable outcome of an animal species that has the ability to initiate it’s own ‘evolution.’

In other words, HUMANS, as self-aware beings, are responsible for ourselves, to ‘adapt’ and ‘grow’ in the environment that we are given; and at the same time, we are responsible for helping each other ‘adapt’ and ‘grow’ in each other’s environment.


Because it would let all of us live better in our own environment, and let all of them live better in their own environment. And eventually, all of us can just focus on thriving.

But what about Human Evolution 2.0?

Well that’s where we are right now.

See let’s put aside the memes and videos of cats for a second and really take a good look at the internet.

You’re telling me, that a self-aware animal (HUMAN) created a way for all the others in his species (ALSO HUMANS), to not only (INSTANTLY) communicate their awareness with each other, but also their unawareness? You’re telling me, that they can communicate their fears, their hopes, their dreams, their ideas, their memories, their experiences? and then, they can communicate their questions about what they’re aware about and even what they don’t know jack shit about? And on top of that, they can question and answer the answers that they are aware about?

holy fuck is right

You already know this

We are in a place right now, where we are finally starting the process of elevation.

The process of Transcendence.

Where we can actually ‘sync’ into each of these questions, and each of these answers, in a way that beats books, articles, songs, movies, or cat videos. 

HUMAN EVOLUTION 3.0 then, actually just means a step higher for awareness right?

Where we can all understand each other, but don’t need all the effort to try and understand each other, because we can just communicate the entirety of our feeling, without human boundaries, without deception, without fear, without labels, without prejudices, and we can KNOW that we are ‘speaking’ the truth.

But until then, it is our responsibility to try and cultivate the world into a place where we stop hurting each other, where we listen to each other, and where we help each other, the best we can. Where it becomes normal to just allow life, and to help life be life.

(Yeah yeah, that’s all fine and dandy when you’re not hitting people over the head asshole!)

Well that’s because you wouldn’t shut up, and I had something important to say!

(I’m gonna poop in your cereal so hard tomorrow watch)

You’re not gonna poop in shit!

(You watch..)

You’re not gonna poop in shit…

(I fucking hate you…)

Anyways, thanks for reading this blog, hope it made you think!

(Fuck you! Don’t ignore me!)

Thank you!






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