The Benefits of Pain

Yeah you’ve heard it a million times

“Pain is Gain” Rawr

The problem is, you hear it again and again, the same way, and the shit gets boring

So lets take a fresh look at why this “PAIN IS GAIN” shit actually works (or doesn’t)




I was wondering when you’d be showing up….

(Almost thought I wasn’t gonna huh?)

Wait why are you saying that though? Do you disagree with the stuff about pain?

(Well pain isn’t something that “HAS TO BE A PART OF LIFE” nor does it “HAVE TO BE CONQUERED” and you’re making it sound as thought it is)


Well that’s actually kind of an interesting perspective.

(Yeah I’m smart)

I wouldn’t go that far


But aren’t you in another way, just saying that pain isn’t ‘real’ again? Like all the other theologians and philosophers?

(No you fucking idiot)


what you’re saying is that pain isn’t real?

(Pain is real)

(It’s just more optional to feel it than you’d think)

Please explain…

(For instance, if you were ‘stuck’ in a ruthless world, where all you had was a dead-end job that you hate and a fucking shit-face boss that yells at you and a nagging mother and a fucking load of shitty fake friends that only add to the misery and to the belief of your own worthlessness, well then you’d definitely be not happy)

I’d say..

(However, if you decide you’re tired of it, and you quit your job, you will be happy)

 But then you will have no job so you will either become homeless or you will have to find a new one

 (Exactly! See but this new one can be something you actually like)

(so in other words, it has to ‘feel’ like constant movement)

(Like Constant Growth)

So in order to be ‘strong’ you have to ‘actively push’ away negativity?


But that just feels like a lot of work.. And sort of fake really..

(Yeah, honestly, it will seem fake at first. As though you are almost avoiding feeling the pain, or like “you’re too afraid to let yourself feel it” or whatever)


(But you have to)

(One way or the other)

(Either by helping yourself, or by helping others. Preferably both)

What if I just want to go live on a farm somewhere? Away from everything….

(Well you could do that too. But you see, even there, there is pain)

Yeah you gotta farm and shit….


So in other words, the act of living is actually just a big ‘fuck you’ to pain?


Cool. Well that’s actually kind of enlightening man. Thanks

(You’re welcome)

Are we gonna be friends now?

(What do you think?)


Fuck No.. (Definitely not) Yeah hell no.. (Never).. fuck that


(But we can still somehow try and tell people weird ass shit like this)

Yeah, and hopefully they don’t think we’re too weird in the process

(Anyways, before this guy starts tearing up, I just wanna thank you for taking some of your time and for reading this post)

(Goodmorning) Goodnight:)






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